About me

I love helping people, teams and organisations to grow, fulfil their potential and have a positive impact on the world.

15 years ago I stumbled into an admin role in the training team at the Eden Project. Fresh from University, looking to make some money and work out what to do with my life, I quickly uncovered a passion for helping people.

Ever since, I have committed myself to learning everything I can about human development, psychology and leadership, and am in my element when I’m working with individuals or groups, helping them to learn, change and make breakthroughs.

My work at the Eden Project blends coaching, facilitation and learning experience design, with leading learning and development, employee engagement and organisational development activities. This has enabled me to gain vast experience in supporting leaders to overcome a wide variety of the complex challenges that characterise leadership in organisations in the current age.

Outside of this role, I offer coaching to individuals looking to uncover and reach for their full potential. I am an ILM Level 7 qualified Executive and Senior Leadership Coach and am currently offering discounted rates for people who are able to work with me outside of standard UK business hours.

My connection with nature plays a huge part in my life and work. I love spending time outdoors with my family, dog (Jasper) and the groups I work with, and can often be found climbing and photographing the tors of Dartmoor or on one of the beautiful beaches of Devon and Cornwall.

It is particularly important to me to play a part in helping us to resolve some of the biggest challenges we are facing – the climate emergency, ecological collapse, societal disconnection, and I am therefore particularly interested in working with purpose-led leaders who are also making a difference. I offer pro-bono coaching for those working to address these issues who otherwise would be unable to access coaching.

My strength in coaching lies in creating the conditions for people to connect with their deepest self, enabling them to uncover their strengths, purpose and confidence to lead fulfilling, successful lives.