Hi! And welcome…

I am a coach, facilitator and learning experience designer, and am passionate about helping leaders, teams and organisations to grow, fulfil their potential and have a positive impact on the world.

You can learn more about me and the work I do here. If you are interested in working together I look forward to hearing from you.


Jed Langdon

“In our sessions together, Jed helped me explore a range of topics from the personal to the professional. He helped me identify my own values and what’s important to me, which has become core to how I act and think and make decisions. He created a relaxed environment where I could be open, but also challenged me when I needed it. Jed’s a great coach.“

Matt, CEO

The coaching sessions have been so impactful, it provided a safe space to discuss challenges and opportunities, at a time when I am transitioning into a broader organisational wide role. Jed provided different coaching strategies and gave me the time to reflect and grow. Following these sessions, I feel more confident and energised – thank you!

Lorraine, Director of Organisational Development and EDI

“Jed is an amazing coach. Supportive, patient and asks great questions which really help to guide you towards identifying the issue and how you can access the tools to help you manage it if not resolve it. Always positive, patient, respectful, curious and interested regardless of the situation. Thanks Jed!

Head of Climate Action

“Working with Jed has been one of the best learnings I’ve undertaken in my career as a senior manager. My main takeaway is understanding myself: my values, thoughts and emotions and how they lead to the decisions I make. These are things that I might not have given much care about before the six sessions, but have genuinely had a hugely positive impact on my life at home and at work.”

Harry, Operations Director

My time with Jed has been so valuable. He loves what he does and provides a safe and creative environment to explore new ideas. He is incredibly knowledgable and really challenged my way of thinking. This enabled me to develop new approaches, discover an increased self belief and to grow as a leader. Hope this is ok, happy for you to use my first name and job title.

Chris, Finance Director